T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

tsara123456: Unless English is like your 5th language and you're using a translator for this whole conversation
troglodyteking: Aha! Eureka!
troglodyteking: Wait.. you have found me secret, no! Or, not. I shall leave it up to you to decide.
tsara123456: Found me secret!!! You ARE using babelfish aren't you!!!!!!
troglodyteking: No, I have several bright foreign students as slaves, and they are furiously translating everything manually, and reading it out to me. When it does not make sense, I whip them.
tsara123456: Nice!
troglodyteking: They only need a little bit of food, and plenty of water, and I can get them to clean up after themselves, so it is all good.
tsara123456: Foreign students rock when it comes to that.
troglodyteking: You have some experience with this?
tsara123456: Absolutely! they follow you around as if you were God. The listen to EVERY word you are saying....granted it's so they can take an hour to figure out WHAT you said...but still...never find a more attentive bunch....
troglodyteking: Ah... funny that - the precise ones that have no idea what you are saying are the most intent upon hearing it...
tsara123456: They are the perfect type of people if you want to look like you have a fanclub!
troglodyteking: Hehe.
troglodyteking: You know, I have never had that particular desire...
troglodyteking: Am I missing out?
tsara123456: It has it's ups and downs. Makes people want to know you. You MUST be cool if you have a bunch of foreign people following you around. BUT....people wonder if you're a traitor sometimes...
troglodyteking: Interesting. Had people try to hang you, have you?
tsara123456: Just a few car chases from the FBI. Kind of like in the movies...just no guns and no explosions. I was quite disappointed.
troglodyteking: Or were they more in favor of a summarial execution by firing squad?
troglodyteking: Ah... if you are going to be chased, they might as well put in the drama of a couple poorly aimed shots...
tsara123456: No kidding! And make some cars blow up around me or SOMETHING...but Nooooo....cheap bastards. Here I thought the FBI actually did somethign GOOD....
troglodyteking: At LEAST run into a lamp post or some such. I mean, what is the point if there is not wanton collateral damage?
tsara123456: Oh trust me...I tried. ANY garbdige cans I saw were demolished. But do they hit anything?? Heck no. The saddest part is, I didn't see a single old lady pushing a shoping cart full of soda cans for me to hit. I mean....a good chase HAS to have the cans in the cart flying all over right?
troglodyteking: Yeah. And old people are extra points.
tsara123456: I know! But of course, none care to do the proper thing and make an appearance to get run over.....
troglodyteking: *shakes head* Old people these days...
tsara123456: I tell you. The quality of old people has declined greatly over the past 5 years. I remember the good old days. the old folks couldn't wait for a good car chase to throw themselves in front of. But now? Bah.....no respect I tell you.
troglodyteking: No respect.
tsara123456: Man, you'd make a great straight man for a comedy act.
troglodyteking: You would think they would want to just get it over with, and stop having to drain the coffers of their children and pay huge medical and subscription bills, but NO! They want to keep on living their miserable lives...
troglodyteking: Yeah, probably.

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