T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Todays Call of the Day

So today, I had this lady call in....she is crying the moment I answer the phone. She doesn't say anything to me at all for the first full minute...just sobs. So at first, I just want to hang up...thinking, "Oh what the hell ever. You're just doing this thinking it's going to get you free support. Well, to damn bad. Take your tears and shove them." But, instead, I have to be Mr. Customer Support and actually get her to talk. So, after a minute, I finally get her to start telling me what is wrong.

She starts off by telling me no one in the earth can help her and she's tried callign them all. She's on the internet and her password is savio* (last letter left out for her own safety. *grin*) Which is her Madien name in English. Like I give a monkey....

Then, finally, I interupt her givine me her life story about how pitiful she is and ask her, "So what exactly is the issue then?" And she sobbingly screams back on the phone to me, "THERE'S TWO COMPUTERS IN MY CONTROL PANEL BUT I ONLY OWN ONE!!" and bursts into hysterics.

So, I tell her I'm going to try to find out what that other computer may be. She calms down then and says ok. I ask her to go to her control panel, she starts sobbing again, "But I'm not in front of my computer!" So I tell her to walk over to her computer so she can see it. She says ok, puts the phone down, starts screaming at someone at the house she's in to get her the "PURPLE PHONE DAMN IT NOW!" So, she comes back on the phone with me, not crying again and says, "Ok, it says Network Neighborhood."

At this point, I'm trying to not pee myself laughing, as I have already asked my manager to listen in on the call to hear what a psycho I've got on the phone. his responce? "Wow...." *chuckle*

So I explain to her that Network Neighborhood is there so if you ever want to connect your computer to OTHER computers. It doesn't mean there is two computers on her one computer. To which she says, "Just forget it. No one understands me." And tries to hang up the phone. She misses the phone base...I listen to her slam it around for a good 15 seconds until I hear her cussing out someone at the house. At which point, I look at my manager...he's just shaking his head and gives me the kill sign. :) So, I thank her for calling Microsoft and hang up.

Do I need a degree is Psychology for this job?

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