T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross


Stolen from napoleonkomplex and found here.

Good To The Last Adam
Why Can't Everything Orange Be Adam?
Whenever There's a Snack Gap, Adam Fits.
Moving at the Speed of Adam.
For That Deep Down Body Adam.
Aaahh, Adam!
This Is The Age Of The Adam.
Adam Born and Bred.
Adam, Take Me Away.
The Adam That Refreshes.
Go To Work On An Adam.
Adam-Lickin' Good.
Happiness is Adam-Shaped.
Adam Is Our Middle Name.
Turn Loose The Adam.
Bet You Can't Eat Adam.
Try Adam, You'll Like It.
Does the Hard Adam for You. (Woah...*chuckle*)
Made To Make Your Adam Water.
It's A Bit Of An Adam.
I Saw Adam and I Thought of You.
Out Of The Strong Came Forth Adam.
An Adam A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play.
Hand-Built by Adam.
Cleans a Big, Big Adam For Less Than Half a Crown.
Something Special In The Adam.
Adam Really Satisfies.
Time To Make The Adam. (God?)
We're with the Adam.
Snap! Crackle! Adam!
Fall Into The Adam.

I could go on and on.....*chuckle*
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