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IQ test

The test is found here .

Results of Your IQ Test
Your score = 125 points

The following sub-scores are reported on a scale from 0 to 100.

Pattern Recognition (Series)
Your score = 100

Classification (Odd one out)
Your score = 66

Your score = 81

Your score = 66

Logical Reasoning
Your score = 83

General Knowledge
Your score = 55

About Intelligence
This IQ test measures several factors of intelligence, namely logical reasoning, math skills, general knowledge, ability to classify things according to various attributes, to see analogies and relations among concepts or things, and to recognize patterns. It doesn't take into consideration verbal, social or emotional intelligence.

No adjustments are made for gender. However, the score is dependent on the test-taker's age and the reference values (norms) are already factored into the results.

Your performance on this test also depends on factors other than those assessed. For example, fatigue, medication side-effects, formal education level and area of study, training, practice, number of similar tests that you have taken etc. are all factors that can influence your score without necessarily reflecting your real potential.

Below, you will find a short interpretation of your score. Keep in mind that this test does not assess all your potential and that your score would certainly be different if it included your verbal skills, emotional intelligence and social insight. Therefore, don't rejoice or despair when you see your score. You are still the same person with the same abilities, the same achievements and the same failures as you were before you took the test.

To view the psychometric properties of this test click here.

What does your score mean?
In general:

A score below 70 indicates that you performed way below the population average.
A score between 70 and 84 means that your performance on this test was significantly below the population average.
A score between 85 and 99 would put you slightly below the population average, but it's in the normal range.
A score of 100 represents the population average.
A score between 101 and 115 puts you above population average but is in the normal range.
A score between 116 and 130 means that your IQ might be significantly above average.
Scores of 130 and above mean that according to this test, you are absolutely brilliant.

Now, the other test I've taken scored me at a 128, so, it shows that they seem to be measuring me accurately. :) That and I only used scratch paper for 1 question and no websites, calculators or anything. :) And I was distracted during most of it. I'm actually kind of proud of this score.
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