T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Well, GenCon is soon on the way. Time to start making preperations for that. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again this year. :) They are some near and dear friends that I get to see far to little of.

We have internet at home again. Yay! Ok, so, there, that is said.

Work is going well. I rather like it. Easy job for rather good pay. No complaints here.

Looking forwad to Friday. We're having people over at 2am for a fun time.

With that in mind....

We have 4 slots left open for the killer breakfast! Sign up now as the limit on people is 15! Also, on that note, will those people that already are involved in the breakfast be willing to pitch in a donation of food or $$ to Heather? We're looking at nearly $150 for food all total considering the number of courses and such. (Talk to Heather for exact figures.) Any and all assistance in this will be apprecated. Hope you all are thinking up ways to survive. *grin*
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