T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Well, this morning (afternoon for you day folk) could have been better. Got news about my grandma. Not great news, so I'm hoping for the best. If you have faith in some God somewhere, put in a good word for her would ya? Just to make sure she makes it ok.

Then, on the way to work, had a MAJOR scare. Some scrap metal was in the road which I couldn't avoid. I managed to straddle it and not hit it with the tires. But, it got lodged under the car DIRECTLY under my foot. I felt it through the floorboard under my left foot. I thought "Oh great, I'm screwed. Em's going to murder me even though it wasn't my fault." Damn Seattle drivers wouldn't give me the chance to pull over to get the damn thing out from under the car. So I had to drag it for 2-3 miles before I finally got off the highway. Luckly, I managed to pull it out from under the car with 0 damage to the car. Thank God for that. So Em, don't worry for your car. It's perfectly fine. I'm just slightly shaken up by it.

And now work. Lots of mouse clicking looking at 186000 images. (That's the current count for the set I'm working on. It will increase before I'm done too....ugh.) I can't complain though. I have music and can relax, so no big deal there.

Anyway, there's my update. May today go better than this morning did.

On a side note. All people involved for this Friday's game....I need to know what race you want to play. (Must be a race from a humanoid handbook or some suppliment that can be played as a PC.) This way I can get characters set up. Or, we can go completely random and I will create a bunch of random characters and hand them out and challenge you to play what you are handed. Let me know ASAP please as I am doing character building tonight.

Ok...back to veging out to music and work.

----END OF LINE----
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