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Fot those of whom that have been waiting for it...

Chapter 3 : Of Time Lost

Pete spent some time talking to Christopher. I wasn't privy to any of it. Figures. I don't get to hear any of the nifty details. I'm just expected to know it all. But hey, I can't complain to badly. I got to spend a little bit of time looking around the "new" base. Not a whole lot of it really changed much....unless you count all the battle damage from everyone getting wiped out. I guess it had to happen sometime. Yet....not yet.
"Ok, is anyone else here as lost as I am?" I had to ask when we were gathered back up again. "I just don't get it. We get sent to go take care of a future problem at the friggin mall, and then this yutz shows up as we are getting our asses handed to us. Mike turns out to be some kind of friggin first generation andriod robot thing and we aren't trying to kill him. Now, our future is all kinds of screwed and no one seems to be giving a rats ass."
I had to take a break then...I haven't said that much in this group in a long while. It felt weird.
"Ok Adam," Pete said after a moments thought, "I'll break it all down for you to cope with. One, this yutz, as you so kindly put it, is a man that has come from three hundred years in the futures future. Six hundred years from our present. He was planning on comming back here to try to prevent the exact same thing that we are trying to prevent as well."
"Does this mean we fucked up somewhere and we're all screwed?" asked Will.
"Not at all actually, " Mike responded, "It means that as our current timeline is running, the robots are winning, just as they are currently. But, that can still be changed."
"It's the whole idea of the future not being written until it is actually written." chimed in James.
"Yup, I'm still confsed." This is why I like Will so much. He makes me feel smart.
"What catches me on this whole Christopher thing, " James continued, "is how did he get back six hundred years? I thought the T.T.D.'s were only capable of traveling back three hundred years."
"I might be able to help explain that." says Christopher, "I came back three hundred years to this time first. In doing a small bit of research here I discovered that the problems started even farther back. I had also discovered that there was a present version of the T.T.S. here that was attuned to three hundred years in the past, your present. So, I used it to get back even farther. According to the theory, it shouldn't have worked, but I had to try. Luckly, it did."
"Lucky for who?" asked Will. We promptly ignored him.
"Christopher is going to help us beat ANEID." Pete, always the man with the plan, "He believes that ANEID is the cause for our future problems and for things not being the way that we remember them to be."
"Isn't that a paradox?" asked James.
Mike moves over towards James and explains it to him, "In a way it is, yes. But in a different way, not at all."
"Oh real informative there Mike." Will says sarcastically.
We yet still continue to ignore him.
"The way the T.T.S. works is by carrying us along the time stream to our present future. That future can change each time we make a difference in our present. We are seeing the affects of the changes we make constantly. It just so happens that we haven't seen a major difference until now. It doesn't mean taht we wil fail in the end. It just means that as things stand currently in the past, our present, we DID fail."
"Which is why we have to go back and destroy the ANEID." Pete seemed very focused on this whole ANEID business. Didn't give a damn about Mike being part robot or anything. Can you tell that's bugging me? It's just not right. For all we know, this whole robot business could be HIS fault. Man would that suck. Life has a strange sense of irony sometimes. Enough irony that I want to find the person that made up our world and throttle them.
"So, that's setteled." says Pete.
Hell, I hate it when I rant about something and miss something probably important. I'm sure I'll fid out what it is soon enough. It's not like I have a choice here.
Everyone is looking at me as if I'm supposed to respond to something.
Pete looked at me as if I was growing a third head. Or a second one for that matter. "Are you ready for this? "
"Uhhh...sure." Man, I'm going to regret this.
"Alright then. Christopher, you have one hour. Don't screw this up." Pete then handed Christopher his T.T.D. "As soon as you have all of ours tuned with your T.T.D., we do this."
Christopher nodded. "Right."
Oh bloody hell. We're going even farther into the future. I hate my job.


The first 2 chapters can be found here if you want to know what this is about. I definately woudl love for people to read it and be honest about what you think of it.

The reason why it is Book 7 is because, obviously, there were 6 other previous, but those are stored away for very few to ever read. they wern't that great and a plot didn't actually start until book 4 or 5. Hell, I'm still picky about this one and not to sure if it's that great or if it will end up being that great, but I'm finally sharing. :)
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