T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross


So I found a site that lets you see what things have been searched for every 15 seconds. You can find it by going here.

God is in his heaven all is right with the world (Compared to Him being where??)

Causes Of Blood In The Urine (Being kicked in the groin too many times....)

Adult Thumb Gallery (Compared to the wee little ones thumbs...)

Menstruation Clips Pics (Sick freak.)

Getting Rid Of Love Handles (How about excercise? Or a big knife...)

"Red" (Oh yeah, that should only pull up one or two sites...)

amazon.com (Ever think of maybe going to amazon.com?)

Tantra (Awww yeah)

sorry I don't see your name (I don't see yours either.)

Feet Tickling Free Galleries (Fetish anyone?)

glands around vagina (yet another freak...)

moose jaw church of god (I just liked this one...)

peeing in pants (Ummm...yeah...)

beetle damage (Huh??)
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