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So, I'm here at work....YET again. LOL. Today is shaping up to be an interestng day. Don't quite know why it is...but it is. Just that kind of odd feel to it. Like something is building up and noone is saying anything about it.

On a side note, I have a sore throught today. (Not that I can spell that. :)

So, I'm just hoping everything went well out with C and the Gang. Time to finialise plans.

I'm kind of nervous about this, but at the same time excited.

I've lived my whole life here in Illinois. Yeah yeah, I was born in Alabama, but I'm to young to remember that, so I'm from Illinois. :) I've traveled all over the country...like ALL over the country. But I've never moved out of this state or so far away from everything I know.

I'm going to miss my family a lot. I'm NOT going to miss this city though. Ah well.

So, hi there everyone. :) Look! I actually had something to talk about this time!!! LOL
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