T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Another episode of D&D What If's

Tsara says: *chuckle* can you just see it? Adventurers shows up on your doorstep fully armed for dragon..."We're here for the Artifacts."

relfen says: yeah

relfen says: "Get in line pal"

relfen says: *points to the line of adventurers waiting near a "Wait here for artifact gibb" sign*

Tsara says: And then the Zhentillar come in by force.

relfen says: they can wait behind the red wizards

relfen says: see they are over there playing cards

relfen says: I'll have gord outside with a clipboard calling numbers

Tsara says: Those guys next to the Cult of the Dragon people playing dice?

relfen says: "Number 772...772"

relfen says: "Oh that's me!" says ral

relfen says: *walks in* *screams* *blood gushes outside*

relfen says: Gord says, "that was quick. 773! 773!"
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