February 19th, 2001

Distracted Bunny

Well I did it...an intro

Here I never thought I'd ever do something like this. I'm not one big on doing journals...especially ones that anyone can typically read. But hell, here I am doing it. Just goes to show you that women are a bad influence...hehe. Anyway, I probably won't post things here all that often, but I'll try to once in a while.

Who am I? Just one of those random people out there in the world looking for a place in it. Have I found one? Not yet. But I'm trying my hardest.

Let me see, what else...ummm...I have a girlfriend. We try to get along. We've got our problems. But hey, who doesn't? I'd just love like a week where I didn't get into an argument though. Aside from that, she's good. :)

I have some nice close friends. Though some people don't like them. To bad for them. That's why they are /my/ friends. Because I like them for who they are. Yes my friends can be odd and mentally taxing, but I have to admit, so is most of the world to me. It's just the matter of rolling with the punches.

Let's see....yeash, I have no clue what I should talk about here. Then of course, look at everythign I typed already. You're going to get my current life in a long dissertation at this rate...heh. Bored yet?

Sometimes I wonder just what the hell the point of everything is. I mean, why do I go through hell every day in my own mind? Why do I put myself through it even? Most of the time, I'd rather just curl up in bed and sleep until forever. Other days I wish there wasn't even a forever to sleep until.

So I sit here at 2:37 AM, wondering if I should go to bed. Wondering if my girlfriend is going to be upset with me becuase I stayed up and started typing into a journal online. Yeash.
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Distracted Bunny

Frustrating Morning

Well, I'm awake. Here's why I hate these journal things. Already there is a problem because of something I said, though in my mind I didn't say anything major. I was in a mood last night. But people need to understand that just because I say it, doesn't mean it's long lasting in my mind. I get into moods where I think things that aren't always really true. *sigh*

So now I sit here and wonder if I'm going to get the phone call I just asked for, or if I'm going to be completely ignored.

I'm wondering if it's time for me to just go back to bed.
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Distracted Bunny


It's been a long day already. Maybe...just maybe the rest of today could go a bit better. Called the Vet. He was in the middle of an emergency. So I couldn't set up the appointment.

So now I just sit here in somewhat boredom and chat with people on AIM...