February 20th, 2001

Distracted Bunny

Just a day like any other...

Well, sort of. I actually went to work today. Like a job and stuff. though it was a temp job. But hell, it's money. OH! That reminds me...Chris...what's your e-mail, I'll ship you my resume.

So, today hasn't been to bad at all. Spent the day answering calls from X-ians all over america. I don't think I have heard God Bless You so many times in my life. Plus, some old lady kissed me over the phone. I must be great with women...LOL.

And let's see. I got a 15 minute disertation about why one ladies husband doesn't love her any more. I tell you...today was...interestingly fun.

And free pizza....did I mension the free pizza?

So, there's the current going's on in my life.
Distracted Bunny

Wandering Ponderings

So, here's one of those moments when you catch your brain about ready to jump off a cliff and sit there and watch it as it makes it's way towards the ledge.

What is the purpose of this large cliff in my life? What do I do if I jump off of it and the fall isnt where I want to be? What happens if my brain goes splat at the end of the tour? But can I afford to not take the ride and hope for the best?

So here your brain goes flying downward and you stop to look around for a bit. All of a sudden it's unfamiliar territory. Should you panic? Should you scream out in fear? Or should you order out for choclate ice cream and pizza and hang out?

So after sitting for a bit wondering just where it si your brain is headed from. So you stop and look up, but realise that it's a long way down and you're not to sure if it was really up you were from to begin with. So you start looking around, searching, trying to find that place that once was. You panic.

But you miss the places your brain passes on the way while you are to busy panicing. You miss out on some of the best things along the way because you aren't to sure just where you came from or where you're going.

When you finally notice this, you're someplace completely different.

Just something I was thinking about and will probably continue to do so later...