April 10th, 2001

Distracted Bunny

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Hehe, I love it when I start a discussion that I cannot reply to. In responce to Alacrity, I can't just up and quit. I need the money and insurance to survive right now. I would love to find something new that keeps my interest, but until I do, I am very trapped and stuck here. It is a prison of necessity. One that I hate having to need. I just want to find something that I enjoy alot and keeps me happy and interested. Lord knows, there are so few of those types of jobs out there though. *sigh*
Distracted Bunny

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You know, sometimes I get the point about not having big dreams. Someone once told me that you shouldn't dream big, because all you are doing is setting yourself up for disappointment. I still dream big, but the disappointment is finally catching up. *sigh* Ah well. C'est la vie non?
Distracted Bunny

Origin of a name...

Tsara: It comes from quite some time ago actually. Now, I don't know who here believes in past lives or not, but it was way to real for me, so here it is.

A friend of mine and I went in and decided to have some fun and get regressed. We figured why the hell not. We went in, and the guy was pretty cool about it all. Easy relaxation therapy then regression. They recorded it all as well so you could hear what went on.

So, I went through it and part of the way into it, I could see my "past". Here's the story...

During Medeval times, there was a Lady whom practiced herbalism. This lady was looked at as a witch. As untrustworthy. As different, and therefore not accepted. So, with that in mind, she lived out in the forrest, alone. She learned how to survive on her own.

One day, while there, the Lord of the Land had declared war. The Lady stayed away from the lands the war was being fought in.

During the war, one knight was sevearly wounded and stumbled into the forrest. The lady found him as he was laying there dying in the forrest. She took him in and used her knowledge to save his life.

He didn't know anything about her. But he came back to visit her constantly. Slowly, after time, he started falling in love with her, and she with him. People heard that he was visiting the witch in the woods and ridiculed him for it. But he did not let that stop him.

A few months passed by with him visiting her, when the Lord declared war once again. And the Knight, being healed, was sent into battle again.

He never returned to her. Someone was kind enough to deliver a letter to her stating that he was slain in battle. She never loved again and lived the rest of her life in solitude.

Such is the story of T'sara Vandercross. Weather you think it happened or not, that's up to you to decide. But for me, the name means a lot. For me, it is a name of something deeper in me than my own self.

Some people say you have a true name. Lord help me for puting this online...LOL.