April 29th, 2001

Distracted Bunny

Well, I'm here. :)

This trip has be really nice. :) It's good to see Chris again. He has been well missed.

I got to go see the house. It's really nice looking.

Seattle is a nice city. In my honest oppinion, I'm going to have no problem falling in love with this city. Not so crowded together like Chicago is. Seems to have a nice relaxing atmosphere.

I do miss everyone out in Chicago. And Heather. I hope she's having fun. She didn't really seem like she wanted to talk while we were on the phone together. *sigh* Been doing a lot of thinking while out here too. Not that I am down or anything. I'm actually in a great mood. But I have been wondering if heather is no longer happy with me. She didn't really seem to care that I missed her. It's not that I'm not happy or anything, because I am. I just don't know if she is or not. Just Adam being his silly scared self.

So, I'm here until tomorow. I come back at 5:45pm CST. Then, I go to work for 4 days, then have one week to get ready and come back here to Seattle. Yay! Dan (a buddy of mine) has agreed to come with me on the trip. This way I'm not driving it alone with 2 cats as my only company. Road Trip!!! Man I love those. But anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Talk at you all later!

(By the way...look...I actually made a real post...lol.)
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Distracted Bunny


I got to play AC for a little while. :) Haven't actually done that in a while. Especially this way...

Sitting on the couch with a lap top on my lap. Playing AC and watching TV. Some days, you just need to be able to slack off this much. :)