August 15th, 2001

Distracted Bunny

Mt. Ranier to blow it's top!

Sometimes I really have to watch what I wish for. They are expecting Mt. Rainer to erupt in 60-90 days. One of the glaciers is undergoing sevear melting right at this very moment and they are expecting flodding in that area. Right now they are evaluating the situation and seeing if they need to evac Seattle. :) Doubtful, but still, I really have to watch what I wish for....I wanted to see what would happen if it and my big mouth.
Distracted Bunny

Work.......take 3042

Ok, maybe not that many times of being here...

The people today are humerous. Alot of people that don't have a single clue as to what they are doing. At least I'm getting a healthy mix of polite and jerk type people. Keeps me busy.

So right now I'm on hold waiting for a QM to answer an odd question. You'd think we'd have a bunch more available to get the customers cycled through. Ah well. I'm still waiting to see that Rainer is actually going to blow. But it doesn't sound like it now. :(

So I like it when nature puts on a big show.