September 4th, 2001

Distracted Bunny

Death Test

Mark your calendar or Palm V. You can expect to die on:

July 19, 2034
at the age of 56 years old.

On that date you will most likely die from:

Cancer (27%)
Heart Attack (17%)
Electrolysis (8%)
Alien Abduction (7%)
Drowning (5%)
Horrible Accident (5%)
Distracted Bunny

I hate this whole damn idea

I knew this was dumb and stupid to begin with. I knew how this whole thing was going to go. But everyone wanted to do it. So, now it looks like H and I can be majorly screwed out here.

I just think this is ludacriously stupid. The whole thing. Should have seen the lease out to its end. I'm NOT paying for the lawyer it will take to get off of it with the Security Deposit. (Which I can promise you it will take one. This from even the Tennant Union)

Anyway, I'm bitchy and have a migrane. Going to lay down now. Sorry to bitch, but I had to say it somewhere. I'm just getting to that point.