March 27th, 2002

Distracted Bunny

WAY to cute

Cali, one of my 2 beautiful kitties, was fast asleep on the top of my computer monitor. This is nothing new. But, she starts slowly sliding down the monitor without noticing, being deeply asleep.

Do I wake her? Nope.

So, she ends up sliding right OFF the monitor and onto the computer desk with a *thump*.

At this, she looks up at me like I must have been the cause for this, meows briefly at me, hops back onto the montior and falls right back asleep.

Just to adorable.
Distracted Bunny

In Other News


In a newly breaking news story, T'sara's body has decided that it can go for 24-48 hours with only 2-4 hours of sleep. This strange occurrenceseems to coincide with the fact that he hasn't been feeling well as of late. Is was one persons theory that these two incidents were related, even though the lack of necessary sleep comes and goes on various days. T'sara was asked to comment on this subject.


At this time, it would seem that T'sara would love to get to bed, even though his body will not allow him this restful solace. More updates as this issue continues.