October 4th, 2002

Distracted Bunny


More training....*chuckle*

Dan called me yesterday and left a message. I have to call him back tonight. He's talking about comming out here again. YAY!!! That rocks. It will be good to see him. :)

Aside from that, are we done yet?
Distracted Bunny

Grog Wonder...

What we doing tonight?

Grog and persons going to Red Dragon?

Grog and persons going to play game?

Grog staying home and playing game?

What we doing?
Distracted Bunny

Hmmm....a fun idea...

Only I'm not sure how to impliment this...

Anyone out there have a diplomacy board or something?

I was thinking about diplomacy by LJ...could be entertaining...You make a private post with your moves, I record them and everyone elses moves for the board. Then, I post up the new board, the moves that were successful and those that failed, as well as any rumors taht have been posted. (A different method of attempting to form alliances.)

I did this in High School and it worked really well. It's a slow based game, but it woudl work quite well. :)
Anyway...my silly idea for the day.

In the mean time....time to start an LJ War or something....time to pick a random person to drop a bomb on...