October 7th, 2002

Distracted Bunny


Went and saw Red Dragon last night. Good movie. :)

Good to see C2 more again. :)

Played Half-Life with Martin and Zach for HOURS yesterday. Much death and gore splattered everywhere. Much fun to be had. Even by a newbie by me.

Sounds like I will have plenty of people to do an online diplomacy game. I will see about getting a map scanned in and posted so that people know what map they are looking at and such. I will hammer out all the rules for online play and such. So, let's actually do this. :)

Aside from that...is it time to go home yet? :)
Distracted Bunny


Love me! Need more to read....need communication! Need freedom! Must escape! Will flee! Yes! I will run to my freedom! Wait..no...I will eat my way out of here. Yeah, that's it. Or I will pray to the mighty snow Gods and make it dump 6 feet of snow up here every day for 10 days! No work then! Hmmm...no paycheck then either....argh. No, that won't work. Help me!!!