October 15th, 2002

Distracted Bunny

Still alive

And should have internet tomorrow or so.


So...thus my reason for no posts lately. In class now so thus I have internet. :)

The Diplomacy game WILL be happening. I've got things figured out rather well, so this shoudl work with out to much of a problem. So, I'm going to put up a post of the "Official Sign-Up" of anyone interested in playing. :) Anyone and everyone is welcome to play. :)

Anywho...hi everyone. :)
Distracted Bunny

Official Sign-Up

Anyone interested in playing Diplomacy, please leave me a comment here so I know the number of people we have playing. :)

As well, let me know if you would prefer a:

Every other day game

I'd prefer Weekly, but who knows what others want. :) Anyway, let's start a game!

(It's BEST if you own the game, but you don't REALLY need to. If you don't know the rules it may be a bit difficult to play to start with, but I will be giving a good description in the near future. So...come play!)