November 3rd, 2002

Distracted Bunny

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A man wakes up next to his best friend, Charlie, his cat, licking his face. He shakes his head a slight bit to clear away the cobwebs of sleep. He rememebrs having the strangest dream within a dream within a dream. He ponders just what exactly it all may have meant. After a few minutes of deep thought the man decides to get up and out of bed. It is then that everything comes back to him in one solid rush of image, thought, and sound. Flashes of the lonely man, moments before getting hit by the truck. the sudden pain felt as life was stripped away by this dreamt man. A flash of thought as the not-quite-lonely man hears a word just before being destroyed by the blast of another. The silent word being screamed by the voiceless masses. What did it all mean? What was the purpose? Where did it all fit in? His mind cleared instantly and everything became clear. He had a purpose.....