November 5th, 2002

Distracted Bunny

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The man strode onward with his new purpose in life. He didn't need his old life. There was no point to it any longer. The images his mind created for him in his sleep were scenes from his old life. These were things that were being brought to his attention by the dream master within. There was no longer a need to fret over the things that had passed. He had a new hope. A dream of his own. He would take that dream, and strive to make it reality, no matter what stood in his way. He would close himself off to most of the outside world and only allow into his heart that which truly mattered for him. Bending his own mind and reality to the task of his own thoughts. No longer would he be shackled by the means of a former life. He would show them. He would prove to would prove to HIMSELF that he can do it. He snapped his head up, looked into the clouded sky and laughed. He forced the sun to break free from that which would hide it.