November 26th, 2002

Distracted Bunny

First 5 answers....

faecat - Yup. :) See your post about it. :)

torquemada - Any saturday works great. Or, Monday, Wednesday or Friday after 5pm PST. :)

nausved - You can find your answer here.

joyce - In love, married, and happy. That's the easiest thing I can say for that question.

9thmoon - Blame it on his doggy suit. It's hard for an insane robot to stay hard the whole time. *grin*
Distracted Bunny

Next 6....

troglodyteking - What ever truly strikes your fancy and interest the most.

lurker - You have no evidence! You can't prove anything! Unless you're talking about that one time....with the banana....

lycantras - It's not directly you, it's your actions.

talldan - Because it was there.

songs_of_winter - It's a dress casual. Some people will be there in decent clothing, but most will be there in Jeans and a Sweatshirt...*chuckle* So, anything is good. I will probably dress up just slightly.

nighthawk - The scenery, the air, the lack of humidity, the friendly people, the new beginings everywhere I turn, my friends, C2 (he gets a catagory of his own), and soon, my new roomates. :)
Distracted Bunny

Yet even more...

xanthvamp - Actually, I haven't checked it out yet. Been a bit behind since GenCon to be honest.

k4olin - Above all else, in my-self.

crimmycat - I'm certainly gettign there. Maybe find a time to visit again. :)

nder - What is the most embarassing thing you can think of that has happened to you in your life?

eyes_of_mine - I will a) refer you back to here and b) ask you which list are you on? Naughty or nice? *grin*