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Hey C2...just to go back to old tradition...I've found a few that you may like here.

Namely Elena, Olga (russia is the only friggin country where a girl named Olga can be hot...), and Ekaterina. But she likes to be called Katy for short. *grin*

Now, if anyone else likes any of these, to damn bad. I have them reserved for C2. Now, if you want one of your own, you need to let me know. I can reserve a few more. :)
I can't find my stinking Core Rules 2 CD....this is going to make character building a MUCH bigger pain in the butt than it needed to be.....grrrr

UPDATE : For some reason the disk was in Dan's desk. Damn it. I wasted a good 45 minutes looking for it.....
How are you getting out to game tonight? If you need a lift or something, you need to contact people A sap. :) (Pronounced Ae sap)
I'm glad I'm short...
I was short enough to duck the giant axe of doom.

They just let a bunch of people go from work. So, here's the new shift break-down.

Day Shift : Heather
2nd Shift : Myself and Marshall (they moved him from 3rd shift since there is no longer a 3rd.)

While it's sad to see a hard worker like Todd go, I still am breathing a sigh of releaf that I'm still employed. David came by and let me know what was going on and that I didn't have to worry. They want to keep 3 of us. So, we're the 3. *whew*

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