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It's bad when you run out of things to do while you're awake and alone.....people, give me fun websites to go to and stuff. Things to keep me entertained. :) Pretty please?
Back to the mail order brides.....
Here is one for Dan. Kind of Katie Holmes like for ya....

Ah yes....and yet another one I'm reserving for C2....

You know how you can tell when you are looking at a more legitimate mail order bride site?

Cut because it's kind of mean...Collapse )

Oh...and this is really kind of funny. Read all the stories about people who got scammed by "Mail Order Brides" here.

So why all my interest in this? Well, C2 and I did it once as a joke, and then I got a bug up my butt to just go and do a bit of "research" as to why these women would want to be doing something as stupid as this anyway....

I still haven't learned much except for the fact that Russia STILL is the only place that a woman named Olga can be hot. I'll keep everyone updated on my "research" as time goes on. *grin*
Happy B-Day to mommypandora, the mother of my child*. :) *grin*

Oh, and I'm slow....Happy B-Day (now belated) to madgenius!!! :)

* If you don't know the story, don't ask. :)
Fot those of whom that have been waiting for it...
Book 7 : Start of Chapter 3Collapse )

The first 2 chapters can be found here if you want to know what this is about. I definately woudl love for people to read it and be honest about what you think of it.

The reason why it is Book 7 is because, obviously, there were 6 other previous, but those are stored away for very few to ever read. they wern't that great and a plot didn't actually start until book 4 or 5. Hell, I'm still picky about this one and not to sure if it's that great or if it will end up being that great, but I'm finally sharing. :)
It's KoC...
But there's more to do...and it's a bit slower. This MAY be a game I stick with a bit more. Come join me. :)

It's fun. :)

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