July 14th, 2003

Distracted Bunny

World is changing...

So here I'm driving in to work, listening to the radio as usual. A comercial comes on then for "Nude Cleaning". These people come into your home or office and clean, naked. With the catch phrase "Fulfil your wildest fantasies." It makes me wonder just how much cleaning they are going to get done and how much "plumbing" they will be dealing with.....
Distracted Bunny

Just finished the new Harry Potter

I have to say I liked it. Some good twists happened there towards the end. Some things make me wonder where she is going with the characters, but overall, I rather really liked the book. :)

A definate must read of a series if you haven't yet. I'm not saying that as one of the pack of people that say that just because it's "all the rage". But after having read all the ones out, I think they are very well written, tell a really good, gripping story, and are fun to read. Give them a try. :)