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tsaravandercross got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

He's sad because you people won't come play with him. :P
Hey, all you computer people out there. Does someone know a way to install Shockwave on IE WITHOUT going to their website and having it d-load? Out firewall AND Proxy server is configured where it won't d-load at all. I've asked, and they have no porblems with it being on the machine, but we have no way of getting it. Basically, what I would need is shockwave packaged up in an installer file or something. Anyone able to help?
While I'm at i. I've also been given permission for MSN Messenger....but it can't get passed the damn firewall. Figures. I've configured the proxy settings, but I get the error stating that our firewall doesn't allow direct connections to the internet. *(^%^%^#$(#)^%@$@^ Figures.

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