August 3rd, 2003

Distracted Bunny

It is very probable....

that I will be late tonight. I just had our FTP server crash on us as well. It looks like the UPS on the one isn't working any more either. Can't get the stupid thing powered on at all and we need that server so we can get the orders in from one of our largest companies. The person that is coming in to work on it is about an hour away and I have to sitck aroud until I can call the company back and tell them the order can be uploaded again. Positive side is tha this is OT.
Distracted Bunny

A Comic Date Quiz

Your ideal superhero dream date is not all that she appears. While on the outside, Rogue looks just like any other well-mannered, southern-bred girl-next-door, she's actually a sucking black hole of emotional need who will drain you of your very life force with a single touch of her hand.

So, you'll be needing to maintain your distance during the relationship, but you'll no doubt be able to work something out. Besides, she has a posse of desperately cool friends, doesn't she? You can go skeet shooting with Cyclops, or on a ride-along with Wolverine, and who knows? Maybe Professor Xavier'll let you take the X-Jet for a spin. Score!

You can find the quiz here.

I tried to figure out how to just store the picture, but alas, I failed.