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My Interview
As asked by azorielios

1) If you could change any single aspect about yourself, what would it be and why?

My lazyness would go right out the door. I want to be more motivated. I'm just not motivated enough to become motivated to do most anything. I'd like to be the kind of person that can decide to do something that would take a bit of work and actually DO it. Right now, I just decide that I could just do it later...and never do because I don't really care enough.

2) Why do you Roleplay? Storytell?

I enjoy the change of pace RPing gives me. I get to be someone different for a time. And, in being someone different, I get to have fun and help others have fun. That's also a big reason why I ST. I like knowing I've helped people have an enjoyable time. Yeah, the power trip is a part of it, but that's just a side bonus. I like seeing the stories in my head coming to life and twists and turns being done that I didn't forsee happening. It helps keep my mind working and imaginative while still having fun and making fun for others.

3) Weasels or Hamsters? (I blame this one on coyotewatches )

Hampsters are bastards. Weasels, being closely related to Ferrets just absolutely rock.

4) What is "Magic"?

Depends on how you want to look at it. For most of the world, it is make believe. For others, it's a way of life. And for even more, it's a game. I think it's something that is out there. It's a natural part of the world. But magic isn't the right word for it. Magic makes one think of "Supernatural Effects". In my view, the world and everything in it...and beyond, are all connected. Someone that does "Magic" just realises that these connections exist and have learned how to tug those connections one way or another to attempt to get something to occur.

And now, I tap three red and hit you with my forked lightning bolt.

5) If you could meet anyone, fictional or historical, who would they be and why?

Tough question, as there are a lot of people I would have loved to meet. I think Einstein would have been great to meet. Just to sit and talk with him...not even about theories or anything. Just idle chatter. Either him, or Zoot in Castle Anthrax. *grin*
Still cannot get MSN Messenger to connect. Says I don't have the right User ID and password for the proxy...which is wrong. I put the right info in there....
Closest 50 non-Friends for tsara:Collapse )

As far as I can tell, it tallies my friends friends and figures out out of those people, whom is named the most. As far as I can tell anyway. But don't quote it as truth...I mean, I'm just playing jumprope on an elongated car with musical instruments in it....

Oh yeah....you can find it here.
Yet another wagon that Alyson Hannigan would know about as I leap upon it...
I figured with everyone else mensioning it, I've been on friendster for a while. I'm on there with the address of Tsara1234@hotmail.ducks.com

Minus the ducks. Which I stole from Virtual...who stole it from Zorba...

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