November 22nd, 2003

Distracted Bunny


I was just witness and part of a piece of history.

That was really neat. And definately well worth the hour invested in reading.

Basically, some schmuck, who was the webmaster for a candy website, was dating the owners daughter. They got into a fight and so he put naked pictures of her on the company website.

That website got posted to and had gotten over 16000 hits.

So, someone called the company to tell them their daughters naked photos were on the site. The parents go to remove the pictures, only to find ot, the webmaster owns the website.

So, the parents get the police involved, while all the folks on start digging up the webmaster personal information. Ended up with his name, address and phone number. So, people started trying to call him at home. Never got answers. Then, people found the webmasters private webpage.

Basically, it was interesting to see people going to try to take justice into their own hands. Definately a good moment for me to been witness to. I'll have to figure out how to add this to my study of humanity. :)