T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Social Experimentation

Ok, I want ideas for social experiments. I'm thinking I'm going to finally get up and do some of these instead of just talking about it. Now, not only do I need ideas, but I also need people to help me do these. I figure if I can get a group together of people willing to test out humanity and their reactions, we can then put together all of our information and post it up here or into a community or something. It could actually be fun. Anyone up for this or have any ideas??

1.) Have someone dressed up and have a group of people dressed as their "security" and go to the mall. Monitor peoples reaction to them.

2.) Same as number 1, only have the "main" person not be dressed up, but actually dressed down.

3.) Go into a bathroom that has a decent number of people currently using it. Stand at a urinal, or for women, pick a stall. Then, while using the facilities, make loud grunting and painful noises. Monitor peoples reactions to you.

More will follow soon I'm sure.
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