T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross


January 8, 2613

The trip into the future was about as much as I expected it to be. Lots of nifty moving feelings. Lots of not so nifty white hot needles shooting through my body. Light at the end of the tunnel. Some days I think getting shot at is more fun.

We "landed" in a chamber that appeared like it hadn't had much use in ages.

"Welcome to my present." said Christopher.
"This place looks like hell warmed over." Will decided to comment.

The room looked much like the usual chamber that we would appear in when we went to our future. It was very dusty, very dark, and seemed as if it was sealed of from the rest of the world for ages.

"This chamber was closed off after the Great Rebellion failed." Christopher mentioned.
"Great rebellion?" asked Pete
"We humans all banded together about sixty years ago to rise up again against our robotic masters. Such a thing wasn't tried in over 150 years, ever since the war ended and the humans were made slaves. We decided we were going to attempt to build our own machines. Machines made from the parts of obsolete robots. Robots unplugged from the master CPU. It would have gone well for us if there wasn't a traitor in our midst. A man named Damien, if you want to call him a man, decided it was time for humanity to give up. He found a way to connect the master CPU to the robots that we were building. No one is quite sure how, or even really why, he did it. Needless to say though it didn't go well for us because of him. The master CPU had access to all of our bases schematics. They knew our security, our weak spots, and just how to exploit them. The T.T.S. was just recently discovered again here in this facility, but very few people can ever make it this far from civilization."

Will, by this point, was already asleep. Hell, I'm amazed I even managed to document everything Christopher had said there.

"Just how far are we from civilization?" James asked.
"About 800 miles."

Yup. We're screwed. Hell, we're not even supposed to be here. Everything I had ever had drilled into me told me that we could only go 300 years one way or the other. Yet, buy some trick of science, we managed to get ourselves 600 years away from when I'm supposed to be alive. 600 years away from me relaxing with a bunch of friends, minding our own business in Steak and Shake, not thinking we'd ever have to do any crap like travel 600 years into the future to save the world. So help me, if I ever find out who is responsible for all of this garbage, I'm going to....well...I'll at least write about doing really nasty things to them!

So, Christopher informed us that he had a converted aircraft that used to be under machine control parked nearby. It was debated for a small bit (which is the equivalent to Pete telling us what our plan is) and it was decided that we were going to try to cram all of us into this ship that was built for zero passengers. Ah, the comfy roominess of the future.

* * *

So the ship is cramped. Yeah...cramped. That's the word for it. Mike keeps yelling at me to stop elbowing him. But I am supposed to record everything down. I guess he will just have to deal. At least he can't elbow me back. Ok...that was a bad joke.

Let me explain it like this. Have you ever seen sardines in a can? Take that can and add a bunch of weird gizmos and gadgets that you have absolutely no clue how they work. So, now you have even less space in the can. So, you just kinda mush the sardines closer together to make the space you need. Next, add double the number of sardines. It's kind of like playing twister in here...without the twister board. God, I bet we look stupid.

Wow. I just caught a glimpse of outside. That makes the world of 2313 look like it's a pleasant place to live. There is nothing out there that looks like it could have ever been human built. There are these shafts spaced every here and there. As we were getting close to one of them, I tried to see where they led. Couldn't see anything, so I had to ask.

"Those shafts tunnel down to the core of the Earth." said Christopher. "Their purpose appears to be two fold. The first, is that's where the robots are getting their power from, aside from the nuclear reactors they have. The second is the reason I decided to try to go back into the past and change history. The machines are trying to stop the spin of the Earths core. By doing that, they hope to make the Earth completely uninhabitable for human life."

Grand. I had to ask.
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