T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Clothing makes the woman

Or at least according to the game FF X-2. It seems to be VERY job based. Only the jobs you have are all based on "Garment Grids" where you put "Dress Spheres" in them and transform into various jobs. Each dress sphere comes with it's very own Sailor Moon transformation sequence during the battles.

This is not your man's man Final Fantasy. It's totally all girl power chicked out. When the opening sequence starts with a Yuna look a like performing some huge concert with dance moves and everythin, you know you should be afraid. Then, you find out it's someone that has taken Yunas "Garment Grid" and was wearing it to look like her, so, of course, you have to kick the girls butt.

Overall, I'm finding the game play to be fun and very FFesq....the storyline on the other hand....argh.

Oh, and I found my first mini-game. FF X-2 is supposed to have a TON of mini-games in them if you take the time to find them all. (Yes, even blitz ball...but it's not the same any more.)
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