T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

It's that time again kids....

So, here we go again where I just let my brain ramble on and figure out where it's going. And where has it been. And stuff. I came into this moment of Mind Drippings with a goal in mind. yet here alerady the goal has been strayed from. *shrug* What can I say, it's to easy to derail me. It just takes the right combination of outside infulences and I've lost most if not all of my train of thought. I become part of this whole conglomerate of people that have zoned out. Really makes me wonder about a collective consiousness. Where that's where everyone goes when they zone out. They tap into the great field of all beings that are zoned out. But nothing would ever be accomplished by tapping into this mass-brain. I mean, they are all zoned out, so it's not like there are thought processes going on. Maybe that's why I like zoning out once in a while. I have to many thought happening in my head all at the same, or generally the same, moment. And why? What causes all of these thoughts in my head? I think just life in general. Do I like who I am? Do I like what I'm doing with my life? Will I ever get that perfect cup of coffee? You know, the one that tastes just right? Ok, so maybe less of the last one. *chuckle* Wow...my brain still cracks jokes even when I'm not talking to anyone. Figures. And now it's talking to itself basically. Yeah...my brain is odd...but isn't that normal for me? But I'm always trying to sort out some kind of puzzle in my head. Not like a jigsaw puzzle, but close enough. Just trying to figure out where everything rests, and what I need out of my life. I thought you were supposed to have all those answers by the time you were grown up and everything was just supposed to make sense. Figures, it doesn't....and it doesn't look like it will ever truly get easier. Take my parents for example. They have both retired now and never have to work gain in their life. Yet, there is still so much work that they need and have been doing. Taking care of my grandparents, helping build a room for my 2nd cousin once removed. (I finally know what that means!!) Just all kinds of stuff that keeps them running everywhere like a chicken with it's head cut off. I look at that and wonder...so when does it all calm down? When do you get to stop, relax, and be happy with life, where you are and what you're doing...or don't have to do? Ah well. Such is the way it seems. Hopefully that perfect utopian world is out there somewhere for me to find...and slack off on. Hmmm...brain has quieted down now. So, I think we're going to wrap this one up...but I think I will need to do another one of these in the quite near future. I know there are still things floating in my head that my brain would love to just spew out right now, but I think my brain just caught TMJ and has decided to stop talking....
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