T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Caving in...

So....what states have I been to? Let's take a look...

1) Alabama - born there...better have been there...
2) Alaska - Not yet.
3) Arizona - Yep. Stayed at one of Dan's relatives too.
4) Arkansas - I like their highway. Nice and high speed limit.
5) California - Yup yup. Traveled the coast too. Stayed in LA for 2 nights.
6) Colorado - Passed through a few times.
7) Connecticut - Briefly passed through.
8) Delaware - This state has the lowest highest point amongst all the states.
9) Florida - My grandparents used to take Winter vacation here so I'd go visit them.
10) Georgia - I dated someone that lived near Atlanta.
11) Hawaii
12) Idaho - Pretty scenery here when driving through.
13) Illinois - Lived almost my whole life here.
14) Indiana - GenCon, other LARPS, parents friends, and Adam Lang and I putting his car into the ditch.
15) Iowa - Went to a Slaughter Concert here.
16) Kansas - Passed through a few times.
17) Kentucky - Went vacationing here a lot. Parents own land there now.
18) Louisiana - Good ol' N'awlins.
19) Maine
20) Maryland - VERY briefly.
21) Massachusetts - Most of my time spent on the east coast was driving. *chuckle*
22) Michigan - Mike Lehmann and I driving up to see some girl near Detroit. :)
23) Minnesota - Picked up Emery from there.
24) Mississippi - To close to Illinois for me not to have wanderlust and drive into.
25) Missouri - Vacationed at Mark Twain lake.
26) Montana - Pretty scenery for PART of the drive...then nothing there.
27) Nebraska - More corn and flat then the human brain can handle.
28) Nevada - Went in search of Area 51. :)
29) New Hampshire - Don't remember what it looks like. Was to busy trying to find Old Hampshire.
30) New Jersey - Met a friend there for Lunch. :)
31) New Mexico - Did you know in Roswell, we couldn't find a single Alien Cafe?
32) New York - Had to go through there from Niagara Falls.
33) North Carolina - Lots and lots of driving....
34) North Dakota - Low flying Moose.
35) Ohio - Many many times. LARP, business, pleasure.
36) Oklahoma - Passed through.
37) Oregon - One of Heather's relatives.
38) Pennsylvania - Again...more driving.
39) Rhode Island - More driving, but didn't really notice the place. :)
40) South Carolina - You'd think I lived just to drive places.
41) South Dakota - No low flying Moose here, but still pretty.
42) Tennessee - Memphis Ho! Good luck charm from a cop and a ticket to hell. (ask Dan. :))
43) Texas - Flat, barren, no gas for miles, and one HUGE glowing cross.
44) Utah - I stayed with Christians that were smuggled into the Mormon territory as spies. Well, ok, maybe not that bad, but I was there. :) I still want to go back to that restaurant with the people diving.
45) Vermont - Driving yet again.
46) Virginia - More driving. Stayed with a friend here too.
47) Washington - Living there now.
48) West Virginia - Bit of a drive too.
49) Wisconsin - Used to go up there all the time. :)
50) Wyoming - Garfield was right. Wyoming means no state here. It's empty!
51) Washington D.C. - Traffic sucks here. But did the touristy thing.

Man....I travel to much. (Still want to complete my list. :))
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