T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

And yet another

Life. Life is insane. So many things happen so fast, you forget which way is up. I made a dentist appointment to take care of my teeth. I'm not looking forward to the idea of the major work that will be done to rebuild my mouth, but it will be nice to get it over with. Change. Change is something that has been happening a lot receintly. Am I becoming someone new again? No, I really don't think so. I think I'm becoming me again. For some reason, I felt like I may have lost me somewhere in the shuffle of things. It's nice to start to have me back. Now I just have to learn if I like me or not, though I really don't think that's much of a problem. Liking yourself. I've noticed that there are a fair number of people out there in the world that really don't like themselves. Why is there this trend? What causes someone to not like themselves that much? And, why not either accept yourself for who you are, or change it? I know that's not such an easy thing to accomplish, but it's what I've learned is the best way to take care of yourself. Freedom. How much freedom is too much? At what point does it become self-destructive? I don't mean like the freedom we have as being american, but the freedom to make your own choices in life. Where SHOULD the line be drawn? That's still an answer I have yet to figure out. Dreams. I haven't been dreaming again, or when I have, it's left my mind very rapidly. I miss being able to remember my dreams so vividly. I think it's part of the exhaustion of learning my freedom. But that makes me wonder, am I different without knowing my dreams? They say your dreams help your subconscious figure things out. I liked knowing what the back half of my head is thinking, even if it doesn't make any sense at all. Then, of course, how often does the front half?
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