T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

And now....even more...

I had a subject in my head this morning that I was going to start this whole drippings post on, but I've seemed to have lost it. Well...lost it in more ways than one. So, here I sit at work, lost in boredom. It makes me wonder what I really do for fun now a days and is it truly fun or am I just going through the motions? I think some of it would have to be fun, or else there really wouldn't be a decent reason to go through with it. But that's just the way I think. What makes you tick? What makes you press on? Those aren't necessarily as easy of questions to answer as one would think. Love? Happiness? Maybe...but what about them? Is there some kind of drug induced state that we end up in based off these emotions? I'm not talking about endorphines or some such. I mean some thing truly addictive that makes us strive for what we want in life? What makes us keep trying for happiness all the time no matter what the hassle involved? Are we all just insane? Well....that's at least a firm yes. But really, what makes one person be willing to kill to get something they want, and another person to look at it and just let it pass them by? Does one person get a more powerful internal responce than the other one? If that's true, then I don't think there will ever be a time when everyone in the world can truly be happy at the same time. Just won't work. We're doomed to forever have unhappiness in our society and world as long as we exist. Maybe the animals have it right. They are so easy to please. Just let them do their own thing and voila, all is good. The problem is that we all have an effect on each other to much to just let each other "be". Maybe we all need to become hermits. Though being a hermit wouldn't make some people happy...so even that idea is doomed to failure. I think we've now hit on the underlying problem in the world. Thus why I need some kind of mind control superpower just to make everyone happy with how I see the world. Problem solved. So....guess it's time to get cracking on building a mind control device....
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