T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

The short quiz thingy

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1) Is xanthvamp a nerd? Yep, in a good way.
2) Has thecatsmeow dyed their hair? Been so long, no idea.
3) Would you make out with vash1228? In a heartbeat.
4) What is that_mage's shoe size? Big. ;)
5) What rank would ssanu have in a giant robot army? 5th.
6) Where was lilpeach born? Chicago I believe
7) How would moonrock kill relfen? With Teddy Bears
8) roseforhirex's hair color? Brownish
9) Does lilpeach have a dog? Not to my knowledge
10) Do you think fetishnun is hot? Yep
11) Is flyswatter an emo? Nope
12) What word best describes lilpeach? daaaamn
13) What flavor of jello would silverwind be? Odd. Very Odd. It's the swirly colored flavor.
14) What would dragonthing do differently in your shoes? Would have dated her instead of vfallenangelv I bet. ;)
15) What is sorrowsheart's biggest flaw? Not enough logic or chaos in his world. *grin*
16) Is elektrafying popular? Maybe?
17) Would ssanu and mommypandora look good together? Ooff...nope. Big nope.
18) If oniya took over the world, who would suffer? Anyone against her.
19) Does holegrot know songs_of_winter? Yep
20) What would you do if meleekitsune died? Miss reading her journal
21) How long would holegrot dating cuteamy99 last? She'd kill him. She's a handful.
22) What is xianvox's favorite movie? No clue
23) If childe had a superpower, what would it be? Cloaning himself.
24) What is sereth2184's favorite color? clear
25) What mental disorder does fixerbard remind you of? Obsessive Compulsive
26) When did you last call helios292? Me? I've never called him.
27) Is ladybriggan a high school student? Nope.
28) What color should calamity dye their hair? Blonde is good. Red would be nifty with her face structure though.
29) Is rozlynn your best friend? Nope.
30) Where was thecatsmeow born? Egypt I think.
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