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The long one...

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1) If sereth2184 took over the world, who would be happy? Me, for one.
2) Would manaki and crimmycat make a good couple? Actually...maybe....
3) Is firestarter13 a high school student? Nope
4) What would shaiamya give elektrafying for his/her birthday? No clue
5) What do you disagree with dristen about? Hrm...have to think on that.
6) How would eyes_of_mine conquer the world? With a penny.
7) Do alacrity and kaytilake go to the same school? At one point they did.
8) What exotic animal would brynna like as a pet? Panther
9) What song/movie would you recommend to q? Greed Day/Oasis Mix Wonderwall of Broken Dreams.
10) What is napoleonkomplex's favorite band/artist? To many to list here.
11) Where was manaki born? Seattleish
12) If savy commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Her zombie sex slaves
13) kallista_gold's hair color? Blonde
14) Does karmabreeze go to your school? Nope
15) Would eyes_of_mine be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja
16) Do you think mommypandora is hot? I wouldn't be the father of her son if not. ;)
17) What flavor of jello would helios292 be? Hawiian
18) Is virtual256 introverted or extroverted? Intro
19) Would you make out with karmabreeze? Yep
20) Would you set up valenthas and dragonthing? Hrm...might not be to bad of a match there.
21) Does wessoncarmichae smoke? Yep
22) If holegrot was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Any female character. *grins and runs away*
23) Is rhiannonneylana single? No idea
24) What is tarcos's shoe size? I'm clueless
25) What is moonrock's favorite movie? Haven't learned that yet.
26) What word best describes vinnys_attic? Sweet
27) Does joyce have a big secret? Who doesn't?
28) One thing you can't stand about k4olin? Now that would be telling....
29) How would manaki kill daemonox? Geekery. Plain and simple.
30) What animal does vampireunico remind you of? a fox. *chuckle*
31) What do you agree with sentrik about? It's been so long since I've talked to him, I don't know...maybe PSS sucks?
32) One quality you find attractive in quasilaur? She's blunt and to the point
33) What is deshad's favorite game? D&D maybe?
34) What mental disorder does demonweapon remind you of? Me. ;)
35) Has manaki dyed their hair? Not to my knowledge
36) What would you do if you found out crimmycat has a crush on you? Smile happily, as she's a sweetheart.
37) Where was faecat born? Michigan?
38) Is kaytilake athletic? No?
39) What planet should ladybriggan be from? Xatox.
40) Does ssanu have a crush on toreinne? Nope.
41) Have you ever dated oniya? Nope.
42) What rank would thought1 have in a giant robot army? 3rd
43) Is dragonbane a nerd? Yep
44) Do you have a crush on firestarter13? Nope
45) Is 9thmoon popular? Kinda
46) Would azorielios go out with fetishnun? Would he? He better not...his wife and I would kill him.
47) Does that_mage drink? I seem to recall him not having very much wednesday night..... :P
48) Are azorielios and oniya married? Nope.
49) Did elektrafying break up with you? Nope
50) dasgamerman's eye color? Brown?
51) If 9thmoon and dreamsofwinter were siamese twins, where would they be joined? Shoulder
52) Thoughts on meleekitsune? Interesting sort
53) Could you see ironman4do and napoleonkomplex together? ROFL....She'd eat him alive. He'd put up a fight though.
54) Do you have timecrash's screenname? Nope.
55) Is fairie_mists 1337? Heh...depends on how you mean...
56) What would vampireunico think of valenthas? She'd think he's a really nice guy.
57) How many monkeys could dragonbane fight at once and win against? ~17 I'd bet.
58) How long have you known dasgamerman? 2 years well.
59) What comic book character would dasgamerman be? Dr. Moebius
60) Does crimmycat travel a lot? Tries to....especially when she's flying.
61) What video game does karmabreeze remind you of? A japanese dating sim. *chuckle*
62) What would you do if fishsupreme died? Wonder what happened.
63) If zorbathut took over the world, who would suffer? Non-Geeks. ^_^
64) What would childe do differently in your shoes? No idea.
65) Are soulhakr and firestarter13 going steady? Nope.
66) Is sunnyrai in a relationship? I don't believe so.
67) Is dragonboy an emo? Heh...no.
68) Are childe and xianvox going out? Not even close
69) Where would childe most like to visit? Other places than where he lives. ;)
70) If bowen had a superpower, what would it be? Magic of some kind or another.
71) Is flyswatter your best friend? Nope.
72) Is pyran related to you? only by having lived in the same city as I used to.
73) Does pyran have a dog? Nope.
74) Where did you first meet traveler1567? GenCon / Wedding a few weeks beforehand.
75) When did you last call vampireunico? Never called.
76) What is azorielios's biggest flaw? Man....I just can't say it here. *chuckle*
77) Which president would toreinne be likely to idolize? Regan
78) Which of your friends should relfen go out with? If I don't answer this one as Bluefish I'd die.
79) What is sisyphusx's favorite food? Games. ;)
80) Does fetishnun know lurker? Nope.
81) What is helios292's favorite color? Hawaiian
82) Would dj_launchpad and bowen look good together? Maybe...
83) If sentrik were hanging off a cliff, what would lilpeach do? Push him for fun.
84) Is dreamsofwinter dead sexy? damned if I do...damned if I don't....so not fair.
85) How tall is vidihawk? Napolean
86) Is polarcat friends with kitanaor? Nope.
87) Have you flirted with savy? Ummm....yeah.
88) What is torquemada allergic to? Bullshit
89) Would you wrestle ironheadjane in jello? LOL...no
90) Is kitanaor a college student? Yep
91) If cuteamy99 and lycantras were spliced together, what would be its name? lycamy
92) What languages does kitanaor speak? English...no idea other than that
93) What animal should cuteamy99 be combined with? A cat
94) Does dragonbane do drugs? nope
95) Would you ever date fairie_mists? Already went over that with her.
96) How long would helios292 dating songs_of_winter last? -5 days
97) Has valenthas been to your house/dorm? Not the place I live presently.
98) What color should icontradictme dye their hair? I love it the way it is.
99) If ssanu and icontradictme were spliced together, what would it be like? I couldn't think of her spliced with anyone else.
100) Is elektrafying related to traveler1567? nope
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