T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Trial By Nitrous

So...here is the ordeal that I'm going through presently...

I have a decayed tooth with a nerve exposed. Last week, it started giving me an imense amount of pain. Migranes and all. So, I call the Dentist.

Thursday : Go to dentist on an emergency visit. Find out, Yep...it's an exposed nerve. Go get it extracted. Make appointment with Oral Surgeon.

Friday : Go to Oral Surgeon. Yep, tooth needs to come out. Need to schedule a new appointment as I've had liquid to drink that day. Get Vicodin. Mmmm...less pain in mouth due to drugs.

Saturday : Sleep the day away on pain meds.

Sunday : Much like Saturday.

Monday : Go to Oral Surgeon. Get put on Nitrous Oxide. Suddenly, have major problems breathing. Get taken off Nitrous. Attempt second time. Same result. Sent to doctors to check to see if I'm going to have a heart attack when put on Nitrous.

Tuesday : Doctors appointment to have a 12 point EKG. Discover my heart is all good. But, discover I have a narrow breathing passage and that the sedation could be causing it to collapse, and therefore, prevent me from breathing. Requested to see a sleep specialist as this can also cause sleep apnea. Nerve in tooth seems to have died. Pain stopped aside from residual headaches once in a rare while.

NEXT Tuesday : GO back in to Oral Surgeon and inform him of difficulties in Sedation. Discuss options. Propose to Oral Surgeon me drinking a 5th of Vodka or something.

Probably not going to the sleep doctor presently, as that is low priority compared to my teeth.

Yeash. What a pain in the mouth.
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