T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross


So, after much trials and tribulations, I have finally gotten my 2 teeth removed.

Was sedated successfully. Don't remember very much of anything that happened from ~10:15 until about 3pm. I remember comming to for a moment in the surgery, wondering if my tooth was being yanked on, conculding that Yes, in fact, it was, and passing right back out.

I remember being told we will be taking the elevator, but not remembering the trip down.

I don't remember going to Dennys. I vaguely remember paying for the milkshake though....but not the hot waitress.

I remember eating a milkshake, talking to Corey, but not going online.

I remember telling Corey I was going to pass out and him saying he's going to work...and then nothing until 1pm. I woke up, changed gause and fell right back to sleep.

Until 3pm. And I remember everything from then on.

Teeth are gone. Drugs are to be had to dull pain. LOTS of gause in my mouth that have to be changed way to often...ugh.

And eating tons of mashed potatos....
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