T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Damn this is good

Once upon a Wednesday dreary, at work typing weak and weary,
Over many a pile of data-boring tedium of work
While I enter, rat-a-tatting, suddenly there comes a talking,
As of some one almost stalking, stalking with a vapid smirk.
I stare straight ahead, ignore her - stalking with a vapid smirk-
Chatty office mate at work.

She's so very close and chatty and her talking drives me batty,
With each topic she's so catty; gossip 'bout some stupid jerk
Painfully I'll feign attention; - rolling eyes my one dissension
To alleviate the tension - tension fills my head with murk-
And I try to have some patience for her irritating quirk
But I know that will not work.

And suddenly my phone rings: will she stop and do her own things-
Can’t she grant me just one phone call with a friend who’s not berserk?
No she can’t; my conversation involves her participation -
For the entire duration she makes comments just to irk.
I wish her sweet damnation for her comments just to irk,
I hang up, get back to work.

Presently my soul grows stronger; hesitating now no longer,
’Look’, say I, ‘you drive me crazy all day babbling at work,
And you have no sense of my space, always filling it with your face
How I wish I had some spray mace, mace to spray away that smirk.’
But I’m silent and she’s talking; she’s behind me while I work
And that’s always where she’ll lurk.
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