T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

QotD Round 2

Here's more random questions from my QotD I do at work.

1. Find the birthplace of the painter of The Scream and calculate: (Non-DMS Latitude + Longitude) * Altitude in Feet.

2. How did Camilla die and in what book of the Aeneid did this occur?

3. The Europeans had a different name for The Big Dipper that was not Ursa Major. What was it?

4. Name 5 types of Ice Halos that can be produced by the Sun.

5. Rockin’ Little Christmas Length + Alfa Romeo + Roll Call H R 4567. What are the next 3 digits? (Bonus point if put in same manner as question)

6. The Archaeoraptor comes from what 2 animals?

7. Schrodinger's Kittens (The experiment, not the book) is a good example of what Quantum theory?

8. What are the principal ions in the electrolytes found in human saliva?

9. How many solo artists are currently involved in H!P?

10. What is the first name of Mr. Snodgrass, the man who knows how it goes? (Since everyone knows)

11. A member of +44 is an unlockable character in a video game. What do you need to do to unlock him?

12. Find the day of the week that began the year Pope Alexander VIII was born. What next year began with the same day?

13. When did the first real astronaut to appear in a Star Trek episode (not as a character) leave NASA?

14. What is the price range for a hospital to treat a rattlesnake bite for someone with no insurance?

15. What would the first hit have been if the 1,000,000th search on webcrawler was done today?

16. What are the Do’s and Don’t’s of Jump Rope?

17. When some skanger has the screaming abdabs about apples and pears, what might they Adam and Eve could happen?

18. In the Demented Cartoon Movie, what happens to the watermelon?

19. According to the Evil Overlord Guide to Evil Henchmen, how many categories of evil henchmen are there?

20. Atomic Tangerine, Electric Lime, and Purple Mountain's Majesty are all examples of what?

21. Who enchanted Wonder Woman’s Lasso?

22. At what engine category is a model rocket no longer considered high powered and is considered amateur?

23. How long does one reel of film last in an IMAX camera?

24. At what place does the sun burn bright red, the grass is soft and white, and the chalk-white arrows lead?

25. In an episode of Lost, Jack references a Nintendo game while sitting at a computer. Name the episode and game.

26. What research telescope was deployed on the first space shuttle commanded by a woman?

27. Vel'bol xanalress zhah nindol erg'les wun?

28. What time appears on the new $100 bill?

29. What is the chemical formula for the oxide of the element that boils at 3000 degrees C?

Don't read the comments if you don't want hints to answers....or the answers themselves! Feel free to try to answer as many as you can on your own.

The internet is perfectly allowed as a research tool for these questions. (Just don't believe everythin gyou read out there....wrong answers exist to quite a few of these questions.)
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