T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Day 6 and counting...

Getting ready to end the 5th day of no smoking. One day at a time. I can do this.
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Good for you.
Good luck. :)
I <3 you for doing this. Go you!
Not bad dude. Im on a month now. Once you get past these first couple weeks, it definately gets easier.

Just stay focused:)
WHEWT!!! You CAN do this!! 6 days is a good start my man!! Now lets help you with it for a lifetime!! :)

Just remember to have your Carrots, Celery.. Gum... Whatever around for the times when your body "thinks" it needs to have one.:)

but you know better;) your going thru it!!

Congrats. Keep on them sunflower seeds. ;-)
Are you G.O.D?
And yippee for you!
Only for 4 or 5 days a year. ;)
Coolness. I was hoping I would find you@
*poke* Trying to get a hold of you. Email me.