T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

Been a while

So, it's been a little while since I actually sat down here and said anything about my life. So I figure, ,while I'm here on lunch, munching on my apple cinamin (sp) doughnuts I'd type a few things.

So, I've been doing the graveyard shift for the second week here. I rather like it. It does get dull, but it leaves me with plenty of time to sit here and read. I ripped about 5 gigs worth of MP3s to my box and I sit here and listen to music while I work. :)

On the other side of life, I don't get to see Heather to often. :( She works a second job right now. Makes for little time to see her. :( I don't like not seeing her very often now. Makes me feel like a part of me is missing or something.

Oh, my eyes are still fuzzy and blurry as ever. Heather is trying to talk me into going to the doctor here and get them looked at. But all he's going to say is that I need to get the outer layer of my eye shaved off, and that is not a very appealing prospect for me. I cherrish my eyesight to much to under go that....

What else has been going on as of late....my first long term girlfriend (brandy) got in touch with me lately. It was good to hear from her. Caught up on many years of not having contact. And I think I've made a friend of her husband. He and I chat while I'm at work.

On other notes...I'm going back to Chicago January 2nd (as long as my folks get the tickets for me. :) I'll be there until like the 11th or something...so you chicago folk...plan on doing things with me. *grin*

Anyway, just wanted to do a little check up with everyone. Hi!! Enough from me being long winded. Back to doughnuts. :)
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