T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

What kind of monster am I?


A teaspoon of moth's dust, a pinch of turtles warts, a lock of baby hair and Poof! Your monster match is a witch/warlock. You are a crafty one, always cooking up a wily plan. Whether it's reading people's palms or dealing them a full house of tarot cards, you are an excellent judge of character. Maybe you're in the kitchen, cooking up one of your homemade concoctions, or are playing bartender, mixing guests one of your special brews. Either way you seem to know the cure for what ales us all.

You may not have a long white beard or a pointy black hat, but your charm casts a spell on those around you. You and your coven will have a good time this All Hallow's Eve while you do the voodoo that you do best. But beware witches and warlocks, not everyone can appreciate your elixirs and antidotes. Be sparing with your bewitching wisdom and eventually the doubters will come aroundespecially if you let them ride shotgun on your broomstick.
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