T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross


Valenthas says: im sooo glad you dont use l33+ in game
T'sara says: U G0+ 4 PR0|3 \/\/I+H |\/|y 733+??
Valenthas says: no not at all...im just glad you dont use it that much...that shit hurts my eyes
T'sara says: LOL U |\|33|) G145535.
Valenthas says: fucker I have glasses!
Valenthas says: that shit just gives me a headack
T'sara says: J0 |\|33|) |\|3\/\/ G145535
Valenthas says: ok you can stop any time now
T'sara says: 5+0p \/\/H4+?
Valenthas says: 5+0p \/\/1+h +h4 733+ 5h1+
T'sara says: Oh, now I understand. Ok.
Valenthas says: :P
T'sara says: lol
Valenthas says: the next time i see you..im going to smack you
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