T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

What dreams may come

I hate waking to a dream that leaves you disturbed. I hate more having dreams about people long passed in my history. People that I will no longer have contact with again in my life. What is the purpose?

I went to the movie theater with most of my entire school in high school. We were seeing some spy movie. Before and, supposedly during the movie, they had the leather straps strung from the celing all over the theater. They were offering a prize to the person that could cut the most from each strap without being seen. It was quite odd...you were supposed to play the sneaky spy to get these cords. But at the same time, they had people patroling the isles with large windbreakers and if they could get the windbreaker over you, you were considered dead. The only safety you had were the seats. If you were in a seat, and wenr't seen hopping seats, you were considered "unseen". I had no clue about any of this, as I came up to talk to one of my friends. As I was talking to him, the theater went dark for the movie to begin. Then I had a coat over me in no time and a cord around my nexk...not tight, just there to prove a point. I was considered "dead" and out of the game. So, I went to go sit by my buddy Mike. Just as I'm about to sit down next to him, some lady from the theater comes in and asking if there is a Glynka Fritz in the theater. (Yes, that's her real name. She's German.) The lady is saying something about her mother has cancer and is in bad condition and she is needed right away. Now, this was normal for our class. Glynka was being yanked out of class to go home for one reason oranother. Noone was ever quite sure why though. Now we knew. So Glynka gets up and rushes out. Shortly behind her, my girlfriend during High School, Apirl, gets up and rushes out as well. So, I head off to follow her to see what's going on. I get to the exit doors to see her leaving with Steve. (I can't remember Steve's name, but remember him very clearly. Think of a weezel like face and body, but make it human.) She was following him to her car. I called to her, and she gave me this look of 'Haha...the jokes on you.' So I asked her if she was dating Steve or something, and she says , "Yeah, for like the past 2 or 3 months. You just don't cut it anymore." And so, in anger, I went over and took Zahns car. (Zahn is someone I worked with at Microsoft.) (Funny part here is, it wasn't actually Zahns car, but Martins, another friend of mine that I met through MS, and it was Stick Shift.) So I took off out of there in a hurry. It was the dead missle of winter, and the snow was EVERYWHERE....which is normal in my little town of Plainfield. I cut 2 people off just getting onto Rt. 59, which is one of the main roads out of town, and was going to head home. The snow was so deep, there were ruts in the road for where your tires should go, and then the rest of the snow. In my anger, I missed a little zig-zag in the ruts, hit the snow and spun out into a farmers driveway...luckily. While in the driveway, gettign ready to get back onto the road, these 2 gay men on 10-Spped bikes stop at the top of the driveway and just start chatting. (Don't get mad at me calling them gay, that's just what my brain translated them as) I crept forward a bit to give them the hint to move, and the finally did after I nudged one of them with the grill of the car. The guy I nudged though gat the corner of his wallet or somethign stuck on the grill and struggled with it for a small bit. He finally got away and the two bikers, dressed for summer, headed off onto the road, which was completely free of all snow and it was a nice summer day....with lots of traffic on Rt. 59. So, I start to creep forward, taking it easy on the clutch, for I don't want to spin out again in the snow. (Yes, I know there was no longer snow...but hey, it's a dream, I don't ask.) Getting to the top of the driveway, the traffic on Rt. 59 is EVERYWHERE! No cars are in the right lanes. Traffic is at a dead standstill. Looking to my left, there is some naked lunitic swinging a Yo-Yo with a VERY long string around in circles right smack in the South bound lane. people are trying to find ways to go around him, and in the ensuing chaos, manage to block in other people trying to go around, which is causing traffic to just up and stop. At this point I wake up.....

Moral of this story : Don't eat ham before sleeping.

Unless someone wants to actually attempt a translation of this for me....
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