T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross

See the wagon with the band? Watch me jump!

Some questions. :)

alacrity You still playing the same character in the Champaign LARP? You know....the really old one. :)

bowen So, are you or are you notmoving to Ireland?

brynna So, which place is better? Where you're living now or Seattle?

calamity What is the one thing you feel no one should ask your oppinion on?

childe Are you truly prepared for this years GenCon? *evil grin*

cinder What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

crimmycat What exactly are you doing now a days?

deshad What is the most difficult emotion for you to try to express?

dragonthing Are you and your parents doing better?

faecat If you have 3 Moose, then you add 1 Trout, but take away 1 trinket from a necklace, what are you left with?

firestarter13 What server are you on?

flyswatter If you could go back and change 1 thing abou how you aised your daughter...would you? Why or Why not?

joyce What is the hardest thing you feel you've had to cope with in your life?

k4olin Now that you have more freedom from your heart, what's the biggest thing you've got planned?

kitanaor Have you hugged your brother receintly?

lilpeach Just how much about me do you actually remember? :)

littleblackbat What the heck happened to you??

lurker How is my favorite skinny asian guy?

lycantras After our talk on prisons....is Capatol punnishment wrong?

lythia Do you still make sandwiches for your husband at random moments? :)

manaki If you have a level 7 fighter weilding a bastard sword wearing +2 Chainmail, and a level 8 mage with a maxed out spellbook, no weapons or armor...except for a set of AC 3 Bracers, and they are going up against a level 10 Priest with a Mace, Scale Mail, and his holy wrath :) and a level 8 Rogue weilding a +2 Dagger, Standard Leather armor, With a dex of 19.....By taking the average of all rolls, who would win?

moonchildslair Where would you choose to live if it was not where you are at presently?

mungsprout When are you going to come out with your first novel based off of freeform writting with you and Erik?

nausved What's your best or worst (you choose) childhood experiance?

nder What song has impressed you the most in your life and why?

nephadia Have you come to any conclusions from the conversation we had in your parking lot during my vacation?

nighthawk If Meep became sentient, would you format it because obviously it would pose a threat to our society as we know it....or would you sell out and sell it to be researched...even though that means the government is going to get your porn collection?

pukajen Where in Gods name have you been lately??

q How many classes have you failed while you've been in college?

quasilaur What is one topic that someone can mension that you just can't quit talking about?

relfen What is YOUR meaning of life?

shadowsong What do you feel is your best feature?

silverwind I was at RenFaire...where were you??

sorrowsheart So, when can I plan on you comming out to visit? :)

soulhakr What is one Dave-ism that best reflects how you live your life?

ssanu What is the strangest thing you've done in your life?

thecatsmeow You ever going to post anything? *grin*

the_agent What other games do you have that might interest me? (Preferably ones that canbe played with a group of people. :))

the_seventh You still bald?

thought1 So when do I get to see you again? It's been ages....

timecrash Whom is your absolute favorite artist? (Any form of art.)

troglodyteking If someone was going to call you a junkie of anything what-so-ever...what would it be?

uvaspina Where, or of whom, was your best photograph taken?

valenthas You ever going to be online again? :)

napoleonkomplex If you could tell your father any 1 thing but you've always been afraid to say it....what would it be?

virtual256 Would you please attempt to describe your life in 10 words or less?

xanthvamp How goes college?

xianvox Where was your absolute favorite place to spin?

zorbathut What is the most expensive piece of equipment that you have ever bought? Cheapest?

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