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Another GenCon has come and passed. I am FINALLY getting my sleep schedule fixed back to days from my all night adventures in LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing).

I flew in Tuesday and got to go hang out with my Dan. :) I felt like a dolt for forgetting a few phone numbers I needed back at home on my bed. So, tuesday we hung around and had some fun going out and shooting pool. Then I went to work with Dan. I get a kick out of going to work with him. (Ok, so I'm weird)

Wednesday, we ended up sleeping in until 4....when we had planed on getting up at like noon....heh. So, we make the trip up to Milwaukee to go and meet up with everyone for our trip to the Safe House. It was great to see everyone getting together again. :) And we didn't even have to do any LARPing to be gettign together like this. I honestly don't remember a whole lot of that night as I spent a good part of it rather intoxicated. (Mind you, I don't drink. So it didn't take much for me to get to this point. I had decided that I was in good company and I can let go, this time.) I had fun though. And I remember the bus trip to Dennis and Brenda's...LOL.

Thursday...first day of Con. I got to see Kendall and Kayla almost right off the bat. This was RIGHT after bumping into Mike "I haven't seen that asshole in a while" Cordova. It was definately good to see him, even if he was leaving already. And it was definately good to see the girls again. I missed them. We spent some time looking around the main hall and shopping. Thus where I bought Hacker. :) Then, it was time to prep for the LARP. I was amazed to see the core group actually managed to wake up to come and game. *chuckle* I honestly don't remember to much about game Thursday night as the stress at the end of Con blocked out a lot of stuff. Heh. I spent the night at Kendall's fathers. I stole the loveseat and watched Dan and Vern fight over the couch. *grin* This was after piling 7 people and WAY to many bags into Dan's car. It was just bad...heh.

Friday, didn't spend a lot of time at the hall, just mainly got ready for the LARP itself. It's the main reason I go to Con anyway. :) I remember Friday wasn't to bad of a day at all in the LARP. Plots started going, people were interacting, fun was being had....and my stress levels were high...which is normal for running a game at GenCon. Even with all the stress, I still had fun. That night, we again went to Kendall's father's. This time there was a bunch more of us that ended up there. Em, Kendall's sister, ended up crashing with me on the loveseat, which was neat, because I was in so much sleep dep that it was nice to have someone to talk to, since most everyone else went to sleep. Well, vern and Kayla didn't, but they wern't paying attention the whole time. (No, you stop thinking like that....they were talking.) So I made a new buddy. :) Em's cool. :)

Saturday, game was both positive and negative. One of our better years for some things...and one of our worst for other reasons. Good things : We got to do some really great plots and do a few scenes that the players really seemed to enjoy. We also put some kind of conclusion on the chronicle as it has been happening in Milwaukee, and helped it move to Indy. Negative : I had players bored beforehand....always a bad thing. I had a few ST's get into an argument with each other...definately not a good thing. And to top it off, my stress had reached a level that was unhealthy. But, I cope with it. Some other things happened towards the tail end of game, but those are things that are more personal to the people they were happening to...so I won't go into it. Yes, I was annoied. Yes, I was ready to kill. That's why I love Wally...he's good at just being that calming force without him knowing he is doing it. :) I owe that man a beer or 3. that night, again we had a small troupe staying over at Kendall's father's. Kendall almost stayed up with us when we got there, but she had decided to go to bed. She was dead tired. Again, Em crashed with me on the loveseat. A bit more talking was done, then the oblivion of sleep took over right quickly.

Sunday, woke up way to disgustingly earily for it being a GenCon weekend. *chuckle* The girls (Kendall, Kayla and Em) took me back to Con for game wrap up and Con end. They were all heading to RenFaire. (Lucky :P) It was sad being dropped off and watching them leave. *sigh* I already miss them. Anyway......game wrap-up went rather well. We had some fun, discussed a few things...and got Ray, a.k.a. Superman, a jersey with the BIG S on it. It was a great looking jersey and it definately was one that worked for him. We've known him as Superman for 9 years now. It was the first time we'd ever seen Ray speachless. *grin* Then we wrapped up game and headed to the Hall for it's conclusion. I bought a dagger for $10....I love Con closing. :) Then it was time to head home, grab Long John Silvers for dinner, go to Dan's, play card games for a bit...then sleep.

Monday, woke up for my flight and got there with only 1 hour before my plane was going to be leaving. I get in th echeck in line only to be told that now I have to fly stand-by as they oversold the flight. So I threw up a HUGE fit and chewed out the manager for having the audacity to tell me that I cannot be guaranteed to get on my flight that the tickets were purchased for over a month ago. So, he gave me a priority stand-by ticket to take to the check in counter at the gate. So, I go to the gate and give them my info and basically chew them out as well for them being idiots enough that I may not be getting on my plane even though the seat was assigned to me 1 month ago. So, they board the plane....and about 5 minutes before take-off, my name gets called. As I'm turning in my ticket, the clerk asked why I was waiting out here and not going to my seat, so I told her....and she said that they shouldn't have told me to wait stand-by, that I had a reserved seat. *(&%^*(()*$%*() Morons.

So, I'm home now. TONS more happened after I got home, but that is for a private post if I even care to go into details to myself about them. *sigh* It's supposed to work out that the stress ends once I leave Con....

Anyway, there's Con...in an oversized jumbo wholesale nutshell.
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